The story of a photographer

I grew up in a darkroom made by my father in Lexington, Kentucky. He taught me what an enlarger was and how to print and stain my clothes with developer. 

Photography was always a passion of mine and I decided to make a career out of it and established Lady E Photography in 2008. I specialize in photographing architecture and design. This includes interior design and luxury real estate.  I strive to capture a space and give it a heartbeat. I also make photographic art.  

I love the urban grit of Chicago.

I have always been drawn to a more surreal outlook on life and my surroundings. 

On any given day I see beauty in all forms, where most don't even begin to look. 

My work goes beyond simple photographic methods, with many layers to peel away. 

I consider myself a photographic artist.

My work has been described as emotional, raw, feminine and unique.

Photo by Ben Harper